Dr. Yale Nogin is an experienced husband & father of 4 kids, author, educator and acclaimed parenting expert.

The Hero Dad , Dr. Yale Nogin is a perinatal educator , parenting expert, Chiropractor , Author and speaker. He has been preparing  new dads & dads to be for make the transition into fatherhood and husbandhood "with baby version" successful and smoother by sharing his tried and true Hero Dad Tools in his Infant Manual Class. 

The goal of The Hero Dad brand is to help more men become the hero dad in their own home by sharing the tools, insights and knowledge acquired from years of experience growing a healthy, loving marriage & environment that we raise our kids in as well as my  fails and successes along the way to this point. 

Today, men are expected to take an active role in caring for their children. Many have willingness and desire to do an amazing  job. However, they often lack tools and experience to contribute. This can be frustrating for new dads and their partners. 

Also, incidence rates of domestic violence and Shaken Baby Syndrome clearly show too many men lack the tools to confidently transition into fatherhood. 

New dads appreciate Yale’s knowledge combined with an honest and straight forward communication style and leave class feeling confident in handling the changes ahead. Yale combined his background in the wellness field, 10 years in chiropractic practice (2000-2010) and experience raising 4 children, 2 from birth, to create The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual Class. 

Yale’s vision for The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual Class is to give men tools to handle the transition into fatherhood and husbanding “with baby version” to create a happy family life - and with some good tools and effort it’s completely possible. 

He is also passionate about preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and domestic violence. Through The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual Class, Yale gives men tools to handle the stress associated with transitioning into fatherhood and managing a family life - which helps prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome and domestic violence – making the world a better place to live. 

Maintaining a healthy and fulfilling marriage and raising children is no easy task. Yale learned from his father who balanced leadership and love while caring for his family. 

There are many great men like Yale’s father who have done a great job and sadly there are others who have not, which leave some men without tools to transition into fatherhood. The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual Class helps bridge this gap. 

The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual Class delivers usable, practical tools to help men parent an infant and create a strong, healthy relationship with their partner. 

As his father told Yale, “The right tools make any job possible.” 

Yale lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Michelle, and their 4 children. 

You need this class! Lots of info. Dr. Yale is down to Earth and informative. Great class!
— Justin T.
Dr. Yale did and awesome job. I learned a lot and I am more prepared and confident about being a dad. God bless Dr. Yale.
— Antony F.