Classes For New Dads & New Parents

The Hero Dad Infant Manual Class   For Expecting & New Dads Only

This class is for men who are into being involved husbands and fathers while enjoying the ride.   


  Secrets to:

Having a happy marriage while raising kids For couples


This class is for couples that understand that Happier Parents usually make happier kids.  


     Baby Basics + Infant CPR                    For Couples, Moms or Dads           

This class is for couples who want to feel more prepared for managing the tasks associated with caring for your  new addition .

Basic Family First Aid + AHA CPR Certification For Adult, Child & Infant

Learn how to identify an emergency from non emergency situation.  Learning some basics will help you feel more prepared for real First Aid situations that WILL happen in your home.

This class is for new parents who know "things happen" when you have kids & you may not have had any First Aid training .