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Today, men are expected to take an active role in caring for their children. Many have the willingness and desire to do an amazing job, but lack tools and experience to contribute. This can be frustrating for new dads and their partners. Early parenthood is about more than just changing diapers. Not only is there a lot to learn about how to take care of your baby, starting a healthy family requires that you address the other changing relationships in your life as well.

In becoming a Hero Dad, your transition into family life will be dramatically eased. The Hero Dad offers a plethora of platforms to learn from including literature and in-person classes. Through these outlets you’ll learn how to take proper care of your new baby. By investing just a little time in becoming a Hero Dad, you can learn so much more. Its about being a father. It’s about being a husband. It’s about becoming a man.

Before I came to the class I was excited but felling a little lost… Now, I’m excited to co-parent. I have an idea of structure and where I want to go as a father.
— Ramese L.

Class levels


Session 1

Knowing how to physically manage your infant (changing, feeding, feeding and infant CPR) is the key to starting fatherhood on the right foot.  In Session 1, you will become extremely relevant when you can handle your baby's core needs which will support your wife in a major way.

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Session 2

"Prepare rather than Repair' this is a fundamental Hero Dad Fatherhood Philosophy. Learn what you need and how to prepare for coming home with your baby after the birth.  Understand your role through your birth experience, and be prepared for the unexpected. Understand how to detect Post Par tum symptoms, what to do, how to prepare and who to call for help.

Being an involved dad is really the most important thing to me and taking Yale’s class has really helped me be an involved dad.
— Fred B.



It all started when…

Dr. Yale Nogin DC is the creator &  teacher of  The Hero Dad's Essential skills Class and author of The Hero Dad's Infant Manual™ . Through his classes he has prepared close to 1,000 expecting, new and adopting dads for the transition into fatherhood and "husband-hood " with baby version over the past 15 years.

Yale’s work is inspired by three life lessons. As a son, Yale learned from his father how to love and cherish your partner. As a young father, Yale discovered a dissonance between the parent he wanted to be and the parent he had the skillset to be. As a Chiropractor, Yale learned the importance of healthy living. Now, as a parent and husband with a special skill set, Yale passionately works to teach expecting parents how to deeply enjoy parenthood.


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