About Dr. Yale A. Nogin DC

Dr. Yale Nogin DC is the creator &  teacher of  The Hero Dad's Essential skills Class and author of The Hero Dad's Infant Manual™ .

Through his classes he has prepared close to 1,000 expecting, new and adopting dads for the transition into fatherhood and "husband-hood " with baby version over the past 15 years. He is excited to help countless more with the release of The Hero Dad's Infant Manual™.  

The goal of The Hero Dad™ is to help more men take advantage of the amazing opportunity fatherhood and husband-hood with baby version has to  offer by sharing the skills necessary to do so, both the physical and emotional side of the jobs.  

During the same time Dr. Nogin was starting his Chiropractic practice and family he was introduced and invited to facilitate a class for new dads.  Shortly after he fell in love with the concept of sharing skills with new dad's that if used would have them become the Hero dad in their own home.  

After ten years of clinical Chiropractic practice Dr. Nogin made the decision to leave his practice to focus on his true passions which are  1. Creating and maintaining a healthy, connected,intimate relationship with his wife.  2. Creating and maintaining a  home environment that supports the development of strong independent children 3.  Sharing how to create both with expecting , new, and adopting fathers.

The Hero Dad™ was born. 

He took on the job of full time parent/ care taker of his 4 children while teaching class once a month.  While managing his home and his relationship with his wife he became a student of both sides of the working outside the home and inside the home equation.

The secret to creating a healthy marriage & home  is mutual respect and understanding. "Both jobs are equally challenging, important and take specific skills " It matters little who does which job, they  both take hard work, purpose and growth and deserve equal respect.

Currently Dr. Nogin leverages his knowledge of both sides of the equation while teaching his Hero Dad's Essential Skills Classes which are offered two Saturdays per month as well as his Baby Basics + Infant CPR classes both taught at Piedmont Hospital Midtown Atlanta.

Dr. Nogin's first book The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual lays out the tools and skills necessary for empowerment as a dad. 

He is also passionate about preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and domestic violence which are both very real and very preventable issues.

Through The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual book and his Essential Skills classes Dr. Nogin  addresses both of these issues and shares skills to handle the often undisclosed stress associated with transitioning into fatherhood and managing a family life - which can help prevent shaken baby syndrome and domestic violence – making the world a better place to live. 

There are many great men who have done their  job teaching their sons how to respect and understand their chosen life partner while growing into the responsibilities associated with being a mature, adult person, partner and parent.

Sadly there are others who have not, which has left many men without tools, direction or skills to be relevant and respected by their chosen life partner in their own homes. The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual and Essential Skills Class helps bridge this gap. 

Dr. Yale Nogin DC  lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Michelle, and their 4 children. 

You need this class! Lots of info. Dr. Yale is down to Earth and informative. Great class!
— Justin T.
Dr. Yale did and awesome job. I learned a lot and I am more prepared and confident about being a dad. God bless Dr. Yale.
— Antony F.