Classes For New Dads & New Parents

The Hero Dad™


The Hero Dad™

Level 1:
                   New Hero Skills

Basic Infant Management System™

For Expecting, New, & Adopting Dads

This class is for you if you want to feel confident and  ready to manage your infant and support your partner  through Postpartum  with ease.   

The Hero Dad™

Level 2: 
Supporting Mom  Pre Birth, Through Birth & Post Partum

Skills & Systems to make you a Hero in the eyes of your family

Prepare rather Repair!



Level 3:

The Hero Husband

Invest The Time To

     Prepare for your Changing Relationship

Instead of

        Having To Repair A Broken Family   


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Most Guys want to do a good job but don't know where to start.

You should start by picking up and reading The Hero Dad's Infant Manual yesterday.

You will walk away with focus, tools & skills that will make you relevant.

Start off Empowered!

Becoming  "The Hero Dad™" in your home is much better than the alternative.