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The transition into parenthood can be challenging.  Especially for men possessing  little or none of the  necessary skills to be successful.


 Beginning Fatherhood From Anxiety To Ease Crash Course™

 & The Hero Dad's Infant Manual

Can Change the lives of new families.

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To my fellow birth community professionals. As a Midwife, OB, Doula, Lactation Consultant, Family Psychologist, Adoption professional, Pediatric /Family Chiropractor or Birth Educator we all need to take continuing education to stay relevant.

We all know firsthand that many men would be more successful in their new role if they participated in a  continuing education experience in the area of Fatherhood and husband-hood with baby version.

How valuable would it be to a new family to have a new dad equipped with both the physical skills that are associated with caring for their new infant as well as  emotional skills to help them navigate their  transition. 

"Was able to discuss openly the concerns and thoughts of becoming a father for the first time"

Let's work together to  empower men to grow into their new roles. 

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