The introduction you are about to hear will set the stage for your hero dad class experience and get you ready for your first tools.


Chapter 1:  Pre-Birth Hero Tools

There is no time like the present! In Chapter one we will cover tools you can put into play even now before your new addition arrives that will set you up to look like a Hero from day 1. 

Chapter 2: Your Hospital Experience

Your hospital experience should be a really good experience for you, you have the opportunity to support your partner, meet your baby and you will officially become a family… pretty awesome!  This chapter will set you up for success by learning what will happen and what could happen. Get ready!

Chapter 3:  Your Transition Home

Let me share a secret with you, managing a healthy baby is not the stressful part of having a baby. The stressful part is your changing world. In this chapter you will get tools to help you manage just that!

Chapter 4: Your Hero Dad System For Soothing Your Crying Baby

When your baby is crying it can be painful, for them and for you. In this chapter you will learn a process to sooth your baby which will make you into… A Hero Dad.

Chapter 5: Your Hero Dad System For Understanding Your Babies’ Health

Health issues and your new baby can be stressful, after this chapter you will know a system to help you identify health issues so you can be better prepared to make decisions and take action if and when you have to.


Keeping your new family safe is part of your new job description. This chapter will equip you with the tools to create a safe environment for your baby and handle the job.

Chapter 7: Post-Partum & Being A Hero Husband

Post-Partum can sometimes be challenging for your partner, If you want to know what you can do to help and prove to be a hero husband you are about to learn how. 

Chapter 8: Bonding, What A Hero Dad Knows

Bonding with your new baby happens differently for each of us. Here is what a hero dad knows about bonding with your new baby.

Chapter 9: What A Hero Dad Knows About Baby Stuff

After you have a baby you will find that the best things in life are not things at all. There are some things however which make life a lot easier when you have a baby.  In this chapter you will learn key things to have that have stood the test of time and ways to save a ton of money when it comes to kids and things. 

Chapter 10: Traveling With Your Baby

Traveling with your baby does take effort, you will be able to handle traveling with a lot less stress with the Hero tools you are about to learn.

Chapter 11: The Hero Husband Sex & Relationship Tools

Having a baby adds a dimension to your life which like it or not does change you and your partner. The tools you will learn in this chapter will help you embrace the changes and keep your intimacy alive and well.

Chapter 12: Health Tools For The Hero Dad

A healthy dad is a hero dad. Your family is relying on you to be around, in this chapter you will learn some easy to incorporate, out of the box health tools that can keep you a healthy dad so you can be a hero dad.

Chapter 13: Relaxing Tools For The Hero Dad

If you believe that life with a new baby has its challenge, then you would be correct. Having tools to keep your sanity will come in handy, I promise and that is exactly what tools you will get in this chapter on hero dad relaxing tools.

Chapter 14: A Hero Dad Keeps A Record

You will have more amazing moments that you can imagine during your journey. Realistically you will not be able to remember them all. In this next chapter you will learn a tool that will enable you to remember many of the amazing moments to come.

Chapter 15: The Ultimate Hero Dad Tool

This next tool is named the ultimate hero dad tool for a reason. It will make you shine like a hero more times than you will be able to count.

Chapter 16: A Hero Dad Has A Vision & Shares It

Have you ever heard an inspiring speech? What was it that drew you in? Most likely the speaker’s vision resonated with you. Now it’s your turn to inspire. The tools in this chapter will help you clarify or create your vision in order to increase your odds of creating the family life you are hoping to create.