It all started when...


Fatherhood is the ultimate opportunity for any man willing to  grow to become  a hero in his home. The skill set & mindset you need to do an amazing  job is within your power no matter who you are, or what childhood  experiences you bring to the table.

Taking the opportunity to look at and discuss becoming a dad with other men in the same position &  learn skills and wisdom born from experience by an instructor who's purpose is simply to set you up for success  could be viewed as a wise investment of your time.

Hero Dad's learn what Zero Dad's do not.


Today, men are expected to take an active role in caring for their children. Many have willingness and desire to do an amazing  job. However, they often lack tools and experience to contribute. This can be frustrating for new dads and their partners. 

Also, incidence rates of domestic violence and Shaken Baby Syndrome clearly show too many men lack the Skills & tools to confidently transition into fatherhood. 

New dads appreciate Yale’s knowledge combined with an honest and straight forward communication style and leave class feeling confident in handling the changes ahead. Yale combined his background in the wellness field, 10 years in chiropractic practice (2000-2010) and experience raising 4 children, 2 from birth, to create The Hero Dad™ Infant Manual Class. 

Hi there, My name is Dr. Yale Nogin . Welcome. I am a man who believes in love. Contrary to popular belief I think that two mature, adult human beings can live in relative peace and harmony while raising children and maintaining a healthy relationship. 

I believe in this cheesy stuff because I live and experience living this way every day.  I have learned to
"make" love and how to create an intimate, connected ,loving relationship with my wife and dare I say that our kids respect us. All this and when we started out we did not even like each other that much.  We laugh sometimes because we think we do everything backwards and like it that way!

Wouldn't it be nice being more connected to each other, more trusting, more "in love" as you got older and were coming through the teenage years instead of looking for a divorce attorney?

Sadley 80 percent of Americans are not getting it right. 50 % off the top, then add in 60% of the 50 % who are not divorced admit to not having any meaningful intimacy.   This is so sad, I think we americans leave the "good stuff" on the table.  What if we decided to accept the skills we have and recognize the skills we need to develop with the purpose  of growing into the role of The Hero Dad in our home?  What if we had a clear understanding of the changes that are on the way, would we be able to make better decisions that could create a healthier experience for our partner, children and for us as men even if our childhood  experience were good? I know we can because I did and so can you.