It's all about survival


It is all about survival

surviving today is just as difficult as it was hundreds of years ago.  Today we are fighting different battles however just as dangerous.

We fight advertising day in and day out, we fight the desire to eat sugary foods, we fight debt, we fight traffic, we are fighting to survive.

We need shelter, food, an occupation.Same as it always has been.

Once we realize that, then we can appreciate having a partner to handle life's battles. A person we can rely on , trust with our most intimate secrets, a partner who will fight besides you and get things worked out. a partner to keep us warm and satisfied as only a mature adult , who understands how to listen to understand the needs of our partners. To have a partner to strategize with , to run the home business with, a friend to  experience life together. To raise children together and teach them how to survive, how to get the most out of this life, to offer guidance. also to know love and warmth as well as strength and determination in balance. 

This is how to survive. we must be worriors like John snow.  Although a sword of Valerian steel would be my choice of weapon, today we must use our mind, skills  and our behaviors to survive and enjoy the intimate side of life.


We must focus on our relationship to make parenting enjoyable and a worth while endeavor.  everything starts at the top.

we come to marriage and our committed relationships with whatever life experience and tools and survival skills our parents taught us or that we learned because they did not or could not or would not teach us.

by the time we are 30 it is good to have some of the 


Unfortunately,  Becoming a parent, being another person's person,  caring for ourselves as people, growing, facing our challenges, growing where we need to grow, this is accomplished when we have control over our actions. When we are less reactive to what people say and how they say them. As Thulsa doom says "people have no grasp of what they do" I believe also what we say.

In our everyday lives living with a person and raising children it is wise to have a handle and understanding of our feelings.  

We act mostly based on how we feel.

What I have learned is that feelings are not facts. They are just feelings.

It took me almost 10 years of our marriage, maybe longer before I 1. was open to....2, the fact that I would hear my beloved  mother saying I was stupid when my wife woudl correct me on some fact or when she would give me constructive criticism.3, had an understanding that my mom did not mean to make me feel that way and  was doing the best she could, 4 once I understood that I got to choose if I wanted to still  let it affect me of cut that yarn and start a new role with a healthier reaction to my wife when she spoke to me.





Many nice, hardworking folks are missing Being an adult male human being living on planet earth in 2018 I can safely say our lives with all of our technology at the root of it all are not so different than those living hundreds of years ago. It still remains, man and woman,  our children , our relationships, and carrying on our line into the future.  Preparing the children to survive life when we are gone.

Yet today so many  nice, hardworking, good natured folks are not living healthy, empowered , lives with healthy intimacy and a relatively relaxed home in which to raise the children in.

happy. Why do I say half of which are already in relationships