The Gift.

Walked up the street before to meet my daughters on the way back from school. What a gift.  Children.  If you are an adult who raises children and invests the time in teaching them how to survive so they can live a full life then you understand what a gift children are designed to be. 

To survive we must adapt and grow.  Having a child is the ultimate opportunity for growth. When we develop ourselves and keep growing physically, professionally, emotionally, financially,  and in what ever area we want to develop, or could use some developing  in.. we can teach our children what we learned so they can avoid making the same poor decisions.

Some of us are lucky enough to be born into a home where the people who had sex nine months before wanted us, cared for us, and taught us some life survival skills, and some of us have not. 

Usually it is a combination... whatever the combination was we get the best our parents had to offer us in genes and direction.

We get what we get, however, the beauty of it is we can make changes. We can improve on what we got and it is awesome to do it!  

For example... one of my mentors, Jim Rhon (yes he is dead) introduced me to the book "The Richest Man in Babylon" by  George S. Clason.  This book helped me to understand how to budget and grow wealth.  You may be an expert but I was not given the skills of budgeting or even finances. This lack of understanding and skills  in this area put me at a life  disadvantage. 

Now I am not complaining, I got plenty of amazing skills that have lead me to a wealth of love and personal freedom which I define as having been and equal partner in building a relationship where I can be myself and Michelle can be herself and enjoy  a relaxed, loving, intimate relationship and home.  (not saying there is no drama or that life in not is, however we get through it together and can enjoy the good stuff as well.) That to me is great freedom, emotionally free to relax , we put a great value on that .

The point is that now that I understand about budgeting and the value of saving, we are changing our future to a safer bet. Following a budget,  which I highly recompensed looking into.  We have shared with our kids that we accumulated dept and now we are changing it. We are teaching them about living within a budget by doing it with them. 

We can grow and give our children these gifts, gifts of the skills & philosophy of survival, to be both nice and tough. Have love and money, the ultimate treasure, Now that is the gift.