What about Love?


It all started when…

It's wise to choose what youi are fighting for, I mean exactly what you are fighting fore if you are going into battle.

If you are a concious person, or want to  live  a conscious life with the partner you chose then you need to seriously and conciously know what you want to get from your relationship with them.

Seriously.. If you are about to have a kid...

good to know if you are 100% in or not because your decision is about to impact more than just the man in the mirror.

some one is going to need to care about and teach and  help manage the kid. seriously.


if you are to spend the rest of your life with some one it is also good to choose how much you want to invest in that particular relationship bc that is the most important one of your life.

if you want too experience and enjoy true happines, intimacy, sex, closeness, sense of security through time,  then you must choose to invest in learning skills and practicing behaviors that move you closer to that goal.


you can choose the other road of "working late" and pretending to be a husband and dad but sadly were not given or shown the skills or even  understand that there is a different way.

There is a way to travel down the road together and experience the experiences in life while raising kids and growing  as a couple and as people.

Learn to listen, actively.

Listening changes everything if you are willing to get disciplined and do the work.

Listening means listening to your partner, kids, yourself.




more and more not less and less.


) all with great value to a concious guy or gal going through the wild experience of life married with children players in the gaame of homes.


choosing  wisely and investing in your cjosen life partner will require that you increase your skills that add value to your relationship.

skills and behaviours that increase the love and build your bonds so that when the hard times come, you are able to lean in on eachother and support eachother instead of falling apart.

Choose Love.