Atlanta's #1 Class For Expecting,     New & Adopting Dad's

"To be honest, I walked into that room scared to death of fatherhood and left with a healthy amount of confidence and a notebook chalked full of ways to handle the beginning of fatherhood with ease. " Jayson T.

Most Guys want to do a good job but don't know where to start.

You should start by taking this class.

You will walk away with focus, tools & skills that will make you relevant.

Start off Empowered !

Becoming  "The Hero Dad™" in your home is much better than the alternative. 

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"Awesome, incredibly useful class. There's no doubt I'll recommend this class to any future dads I speak with, I can't say enough good things about this class! " Eddie P.

"Really enjoyed the instructor. His first hand experience is invaluable and he has a great sense of humor that keeps class fun. " Brian K.

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The Hero Dad's Infant Manual

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Becoming a parent is an exciting time in any man's life, but it can also be intimidating .  We all want to be respected in our homes by our partners and our children.  The best way to become respected in the role of father and husband (w/baby version) is to earn it by being relevant in the role.

To be relevant we must add value . The purpose of Hero Dad's Infant Manual  is to share skills and concepts  that any expecting, new and adopting dad can  immediately put in play and become more valuable, more relevant which is how we earn respect. 

Feeling respected and valued at home is a powerful , gratifying feeling  that you can experience.  Many men today unfortunately  have never been taught fathering  and husbanding skills mostly because our fathers  were just doing what they learned.

You can be better, read the manual, join me at class, learn the skills, put the knowledge  to work and you will become The Hero Dad in your home!