Survival is Serious.

If our paths ever cross at some event, vacation or grocery store and we had the opportunity to connect,  one would probably think this guy is  seriously enjoying life  and  would be equally as happy for me to be enjoy my life.

Learning from the marines and past warriors we take advantage of having personal discipline and take the life and the life of those around us seriously.

Soldiers understand how precious life is and appreciate everything because there life is on the line. 

Our lives are also on the line, our life as a person, partner and parent.

We take our families life seriously, which does not mean not fun, happy or loving, having structure and direction helps us to enjoy more of the good things in life.

If we can accept who we are and that work is part of life and know what our goal is and go after it , If part of our goal is to do an amazing job at being a husband and father then we can learn to, grow and continue to be relevant and earn respect from our children and our partner for our whole life.

Otherwise we will live life as their slaves.

If we are free men, why choose slavery?

That is we want to live the rest of our life.. to live out what we committed to... raising a kid, being a persons partner.

In the states we tend to go for the stuff and money but the really good stuff we can get at home and leave on the table. The numbers say that that is true.

Many advertisements today for ways to become rich..not having to work hard...

Let me share a secret with you. Life is hard work, just surviving is hard work...keeping our self healthy while doing my other roles as partner and parent..hard work, if we are doing the work.  We have to work to survive...each and every one of us.

Once, realized  and accepted that life takes hard work, focus, a solid goal to achieve, a purpose, no matter what that purpose is from creating some healthier behaviors to deciding to see a pshycologist  and coming to terms with thwe fact I am a littl  pissed off about xyz from my past and decide to understand that more to deciding to meditate of eat better, to learn  how and do it. Once you know what your purpose is and take it seriously, as a mature adult, well then the choices get easier to make., the work gets easier to do.

One choice that we can chose to  make that can add a lot of value to our lives is the choice of adding love to the family goals. 

The real kind.

The kind that is understanding, intimat , that include personal growth and emotional health.

The kind that only those who really have experienced intimacy between two adult, mature, human beings would or could understand how that feels.

Along with the love of a parent to one's child.

these are different loves we have the choice to experience if we know how.

The Key to the kingdom of Love and Intimacy are simply to take it seriously and learn how to actively listen to the ones we love and have the discipline to use the skill over time.  

What I am learning that wealth is built over time. Just learned that recently and I am excited as a full grown man to live on a budget wit the goal of being  debt free. 

Love and understanding is similarly a goal that takes skills to achieve and built over time.  The time can be good or not so good. Think this is up to us. 

If we take a serious  honest look at ourselves and decide to grow with our wives and children, to take the opportunity to have a life truly filled with some love and feeling understood and having a partner in this life and you are willing to do the work, which we are already doing most of the work anyway.

So many of us are working our asses off and do not often feel respected by our children and also spouse. when this is the case it is often because we do not have a percieved value and sometimnes it is true.

That is why it is important to grow and bring value to our relationships.   

Listening is a serious business.   Holds a great value because it can help you to ubnderstand those closest to us. most of us just want to be understood and accepted 100%. If more of this was going on, the numbers of unhappy in relationships ,divorce, sexless marriages, erectile disfunction, and overall lack of intimacy which is what seems to be the secret to a love filled life that keeps up wantin it all to go on. Intimacy between two adult , mature, concious folks is a biblical thing.  very empowering to do everything else you want to in life.   Core power. strength of the parents, the people behind the parents.

I tall takes work, so might as well make work my friend and do it, learn the skills, take an hoest look at myself, to decide on the future that I want, With what my partner wants, what s the vision of our future together and does it involve understanding, acceptance and love?

Serious stuff. take it seriously, do the work and you can enjoy great wealth in love and financial prosperity...the best it could be for a human being.