The best job in the world


It all started when...

What could be better as a mature, adult human being male or female than to go through our seemingly short experience of life with a trusted & intimate friend, partner, lover,  person to share the experience with

We are going through life anyway. if you are about to add a child into the mix the stakes just got higher. There are really only one of three ways it can go.  Divorce, Dispair or Delight.

50% end in divorce, 60% of the 50 % who are married report to not be enjoying any intimacy with their partner, (this is sad).

All the work, we all do the work.. then how come so many end in divorce & Dispair? 

The 60% of the 50%  which I call "regular"  equals 30%.  That means 80 % of us, we the peoople are missing the benifit of having a lett's call it BFWB Best friend with benifits.

Is that not the dream of healthy mature human man? To have an occupation in which I can work and a like minded warrior to conquer this life with, and raise little warriors, survivors, human beings who are nice and tough and know how to survive and enjoy the good things in life, health, love, intimacy, trust, dicipline, growth, financial prosperity, the good stuff!


I have the answer to this problem. 

1.want to !  understand that having a peaceful, loving, intimate life with a husband,wife, partner, lets just say committed partner would be valuable to you.

2.learn the skills you need to get that particular job done.listening, understanding our partners love languages(gary Chapman) understanding how to active listen to our BFFWB in order to understand what she really needs from us inorder to give it to her.  Sounds easy however wanting to understand takes skill and practice and dicipline, all doable all lead to promotion in the job of husbandhood with child version.  listening is the most valuable skill for any one of usto practice. Listening creates peace in our home. my wifeand I simply have worked on and now understand each other , we accept eachother 100% and we are able to fullfilll eachothers needs while we also manage our lives and parenting.  

3. vision for your life together. your parenting and life philosophys. once you have those figured out you have a map to follow.


besides the work, what if being a spouse is our job then it can be the best job in the world.  just think of the , true intimacy with a trusted worrior, mother or father of our children, sounds good to me!!