why the hero dad?

Why did I Dr. Yale Nogin DC create The Hero Dad™? The reason for the hero dad is Three fold. the first may be surprising ..if you have never met me and not so much of a surprise if yo know me. 

The first reason is for Women, that s correct the female counterpart of male. I love women. ask my wife, she will tell you.  I have a deep respect & appreciation for women that I learned directly from my father.

He taught me to respect women both for their beauty and for who they were  below the skin. Especially our woman,He adored my mother in a tottally mature, passionate and also respectful like that of TGOT callisi and Drogo.  She is the one who agreed to take on this life together with us. She is the  woman  we are to honor the most.

 His wisdom and example led the way for me to succeed in love in my life time.  I have been able to achieve an understanding of  how to "make" love both literally and figuratively with my wife which enables us to have a nice life together which we attach a huge value. 

2. the second reason is I want more couples to be prosperous in love. It is awesome.  

All we need is :

desire to grow + Skills + practice = love 

no fairy dust needed to fullfill all of our committed partners needs.....

Desire to grow, to grow we need only an understanding of what we need ourselves  and a desire to help each other achieve them. we all have needs as a person, partner and as parent.

If we are to go down the road of life together why not get the human values of intimacy, love and friendship as well as from parenthood. 

3. To Me, the stats show folks can use some help in the skill department of love and intimacy here in the states.   That is what I know and can teach .   so that is why we have THD



In most cases people are already in volved in a relationship that were gotten into by choice. 

 so we can be making healthier children and have a healthier country

This is one reason why the hero dad. THD is my vehicle for sharing with men, man to man about the benifits of working together and creating a healthy, intimate loving relationship with thier women or committed partner